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About Us

SarvodayaUSA supports and spreads the message of the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement of Sri Lanka, an integrated, holistic approach to development, peace, and spiritual awakening. A village-based self-help movement, Sarvodaya offers models for empowerment with worldwide implications. Its methods are designed to preserve traditional values while promoting national peace. It also seeks to influence global development policies to become more human-focused and more mindful of the non-economic areas of life.

Believing that development should focus on uplifting all people in society, Sarvodaya has a history of promoting self-reliance rather than dependency. It enables and empowers people to take responsibility for planning their own futures. By engaging them in organizing and sharing voluntary work, the Sarvodaya approach aims toward fulfillment of individual, family, community, national and global needs.

Sarvodaya works directly with people of all ages, religions and ethnic backgrounds at the village level. The Movement works from the bottom up in an evolutionary process, and also from the top down, devolving skills and self-governance from above. Its strength originates at the local level, implemented by village people who have received training from people like themselves.

Sarvodaya has identified ten basic human needs that must be satisfied for all individuals in a just society:

1. A clean and beautiful environment 2. A clean and adequate supply of water 3. Basic clothing 4. A balanced diet 5. A simple house to live in 6. Basic health care 7. Simple communications facilities 8. Basic energy requirements 9. Well-rounded education 10. Cultural and spiritual sustenance

Sarvodaya USA supports nonviolent social movements in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Haiti and the United States.