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Founded in 2017 by acclaimed Chinese born dancer and choreographer Nuo An, the Nuo Spiritual Dance & Art Foundation (NSDAF) is a New York City based not-for-profit member of the United Nations’ Council of International Dance (CID), with a mission to promote and present the spiritual dance form. Originating in China, spiritual dance integrates principles of ballet, modern dance and dance therapy into a new art form that promotes an exploration of both body and mind, and an intensive cooperation among all participants. At its core, our work is a quest toward art and creativity that connects all of life.

Spiritual art, initiated in China, incubated in the United States, and imbued with a global perspective, is a quest to connect all life. It was founded by Nuo An and inspired by her artistic and life experiences, refers to a new form of creativity which, at its core, is based on connections. These connections include a dialogue between body and mind, intensive collaboration among artists, communion between performer and audience, and a fusion of cultural traditions from around the world.


Spiritual art is not affiliated with any religious faith. Nevertheless, for both artists and audiences, experiencing spiritual art gives rise to an experience that is both aesthetic, authentic and transcendent. Participants describe it as feeling a greater sense of unity both within themselves and between themselves and the outside world.


At the Nuo Spiritual Art Foundation, a dance company, we will focus primarily on spiritual dance, which integrates principles of ballet, modern dance, and dance therapy. In keeping with spiritual art’s quest of forming connections, we will also further the development of other art forms, including painting, sculpture and theater. In addition, we will work closely with members of our community and will travel widely, all with the goal of expanding the scope and reach of spiritual art.