Sankofa Underground North Academy

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1200 W. Broadway Ave
suite 110
United States

About Us

About Sankofa Underground North (S.U.N.) Academy
S.U.N. Academy is designed to eradicate the disparities between low-income students of color and their middle-class and affluent white peers through a high standards K-8 charter school in North Minneapolis. S.U.N. will open in August 2016 and initially serve 100 students in grades K-1, expanding to a full enrollment of close to 500 students in grades K-8 by 2023. Sankofa Underground North Academy will serve the community of North Minneapolis, a community in which a majority of low-income children of color are grossly under served by their current academic options.

Mission: Sankofa Underground North Academy will produce agents of justice and change – who walk with everlasting passion for knowledge alongside the desire and ability to heal, rebuild, and experience self- determined success – through high levels of academic achievement and healthy identity formation.

Vision: Sankofa Underground North Scholars – emerge the leaders of today and the innovators of a transformed tomorrow. S.U.N. scholars have the capacity and the will to galvanize and reshape their communities, pioneering a more equitable society and world.