Friends of Etienne David Adorno

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About Us

Our political committee is dedicated to changing this state, one district at a time! We are a grass roots campaign that is doing everything we can with members of the community to get Etienne David Adorno elected to the NYS Assembly of the 38th district. He is a passionate young man who has been living in Woodhaven, the biggest neighborhood in the district, for almost 25 years! Since he first moved to Woodhaven he has seen many changes. Some of these changes were welcomed with open arms, others were not so welcome such as higher crime rates, more graffiti and other forms of vandalism, illegal home conversions, poor educational resources, and so much more. He sees our environment continuing to go in the wrong direction, people who are being cruel to animals yet not getting a fitting punishment for their crimes. He wants to change that, and change is something that comes with time. The time is now, the district has changed, and its time it gets its own representative who truly cares about representing everyone who lives there. So please join us in this momentus journey, as we try to get the first Latino elected to represent the district and possibly the youngest too! Please call us at 347-ETIENNE for more information! Thank you!