The Leadership University of Honduras

About Us

Leadership University was founded to equip the very poor of rural Honduras with the language and business skills necessary to gain employment in industry, business, and government positions, so that, over time, the graduates may be equipped to develop and implement creative solutions to the causes of poverty throughout the nation.

Our model for change is to equip people “just enough” so that they are able to equip themselves. Students and their families work together as a community to build, maintain, and sustain Leadership University, so that a quality education can be provided at no cost to the students or families and without major sustaining financial support once the school is in full operation. An organic coffee farm is planned to provide operating capital, as well as providing students a learning laboratory, where they gain working knowledge of the principles of managing and operating a real business.

At Leadership University, students will learn how to live, work and learn together as they pursue a 5 year degree in Business Administration. We plan to present the curriculum by adjunct faculty, primarily from the United States, volunteering to teach a 5-10 day intensive in English.

As we have worked with the poor in Honduras, we have grown to know that we must work to overcome both our own perceptions about education as well as the serious limitations of the Honduran education system, while building on the cultural heritage of the region. We are not seeking to “Americanize” Hondurans, but rather we are working to enable the poor of Honduras to take a more proactive and productive role in their own future.