The Ezekiel Project

  • Michigan


PO Box 3470
United States

About Us

​The Ezekiel Project is a Community Organizing Collective committed to Saginaw. 

  Our mission is to empower people through organization, relationship building, skill development, information, and belief to transform communities with advocacy and activism.

   We use these tools, and others provided by the ever-evolving discipline of community organizing, to guide everyday people to be powerful protagonists in Saginaw; Protagonists who effectively impact the political, social, economic, and environmental decisions that affect daily life. We are not timid about stating how our long term aims are tied to dismantling the very systems that perpetuate inequity and injustice our communities such as racism, sexism, and classism. 

  Ezekiel presently consists of about a dozen member organizations, a miniature army of protagonists, a small staff, a devoted board, and an innumerable list of partners working toward improving people’s quality of life through systemic/institutional change.

   Our organization functions on shared leadership and welcomes new faces to join in the work to make Saginaw, and by extension the world at large, a more peaceful, equitable place by whatever means of participation suits your lifestyle.

  At the Ezekiel Project we value and strive for radical inclusion and representation. Ezekiel is interfaith & interracial, respectful and inviting of the entire community regardless of gender, age, health or ability, or socioeconomic background.