Pennies for your Park II

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Starting April 12 through April 16 we will refurbish and add to our community park. This project will need a tremendous amount of volunteers and man power in order for us to complete this task in the time schedule planned. This park has been a tremendous blessing to the children and families of Pearl River County. We need your help!! The workdays will be from 8 – 8 Tuesday thru Saturday. With a lunch break from 12- 12:30 p. m., and dinner break from 5-5:30 p. m. Lunch and dinner will be served to all volunteers helping with this project. Rain or shine this project will go on. We need skilled and unskilled workers to help in the refurbishing and building of new areas to expand our current park. Since most of the labor of building and addition to our park and the tearing down of worn areas will need to take place the first half of the week , we are requesting your assistance to help us fulfill our plans. We will need equipment to lay the new foundation and the refurbishing along with any tools you may have. For further information and schematics of the park please go to our web site