African United for Children's Future

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About Us

Liberians United for Children's Future (LUCF) is committed to helping children and youth because they are our future leaders. We are working to get children off the streets, provide educational opportunities, and show them all they are capable of. To that end, LUCF provides services in the following areas:

Education Many of the children we work with have spent many years in refugee camps throughout Africa and have not had access to education or health resources. Our goal is to provide educational opportunities in the areas of HIV/AIDS prevention, teen pregnancy prevention, and substance abuse.

Social Services There are many community resources provided by the government and other community based and faith based organizations. Many of the young adults who were displaced by the civil war in Liberia are not aware of the resources available to them. Our goal is to connect children and families with community resources to help them find jobs, housing, and become educated about health and wellness.

By helping people connect with resources, we can give them hope for the future and fine healing from the past.

After School Programs At LUCF, we believe that children should enjoy their childhood. Our after school programs provide children with a safe space to learn about themselves through play, self-expression, and new friendships. Our hope is that these children will learn how to communicate effectively across cultural boundaries, learn to appreciate our differences, and work on non-violent, co-operative ways of handling conflict.