Manchester Police Activities League, Inc

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239 Middle Turnpike East
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About Us

PAL was formed in 1992 by local police officers who had a goal of becoming more involved with the local youth and to work with at-risk children. Although many years have passed since 1992 we believe that the current mission of PAL in 2011 builds upon the original vision of those officers.

With kind support from the local community, charitable organizations and individuals, and the Town of Manchester; PAL creates opportunities for positive interactions between police officers, positive and responsible adults, and youth in Manchester in support of youth success. We seek to partner and work within the Manchester community as a vital link for youth and famlilies to better understand and form relationships with the Men and Women who serve our community as Officers.

We are very excited for the opportunity to work with more youth in the Manchester Community and to be a positive, nurturing presence as well as a parnter with other organizations in Manchester serving the famlilies living, wokring, and playing within that community.

As we continue to grow so does the need for continuing support for our programs. Your kind support will make an enormous difference for the youth and officers in Manchester!

On behalf of the PAL Board of Directors, the PAL Staff and Volunteers, and the community we serve please accept my sincere gratitude for your interest in and support of the Manchester PAL programs!