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About Us

WorldTeach was founded in 1986 by a group of Harvard students who were motivated by the desire to promote local education initiatives in places where teachers and resources were lacking. Today, we continue to provide opportunities for individuals to serve as volunteer teachers around the world, working to educate under-served students in countries that would otherwise be unable to afford or locate qualified teachers. Each year, we send about 400 volunteers, impassioned by that same desires as our founders, to local schools and host communities in countries around the world that have specifically requested our support. Since our inception, we have placed over 7,000 volunteers throughout Asia, Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Pacific, providing them with teacher training, language preparation, and field support, empowering them to affect lasting change in the community where they work.

Volunteers teach a range of subjects, including but not limited to English, math, science, information technology, entrepreneurship, community health, environmental education and HIV/AIDS prevention. Volunteers are able to choose their country of service as well as length of service (summer, semester, or year).