Citizen Advocacy Center

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182 N. York Street
United States

About Us

Citizen Advocacy Center is an award-winning, non-partisan, free community legal organization. Our mission is to build democracy for the 21st century by strengthening the citizenry’s capacities, resources, and institutions for self governance. Our community lawyers train individuals and community groups in how to use the law and democratic participatory tools through individual assistance, educational brochures, workshops, and monitoring government entities for abuse of power.

The Center serves:

  • Individuals and community groups with an issue of public concern. Members of the public request Center assistance when there are questions regarding how the government decision-making process happens on a particular issue, how to get information about an issue or how to impact government decision-making.
  • Journalists interested in building their knowledge base or requesting a comment on any of the issues related to any of the areas we address.
  • Public Officials seeking to obtain more information about how government can operate in a more open, transparent and accountable manner.
  • Educators at the middle school, high school, college, and law school levels seeking to infuse curriculum with real life, hands-on issues to inform students about what it means to be an engaged citizen living in a democracy.

We rely extensively on volunteers and interns. If you care about cultivating a healthier, more vibrant democracy and want to contribute your time, please contact us.