United Kingdom

About Us

PhotoVoice is an international non-profit organisation, based in London UK. Our mission is empowerment – to support people in need around the world in using photography as a medium to ‘speak out’ about their challenges, concerns, hopes and fears. Working alongside both international organizations and local partners, we provide in-field photojournalism workshops for those living on the fringes of society. Internationally we provide the platform for these groups to exhibit and market their work. Our website provides the global forum for the practitioners and beneficiaries of participatory photography projects around the world.

Long-term PhotoVoice projects have been set up in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nepal, Vietnam and the United Kingdom, training over 300 participants to date. We have worked with refugee groups, the homeless, street and working children and women living with HIV. Their images offer extraordinary insights into ways of life, captured by the very people that live fight and challenge them on a daily basis.