Equity for Children

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About Us

Equity for Children is an initiative that strives to generate spaces for the exchange of experiences, the interaction of stakeholders and to develop advocacy measures, supported by the dissemination and production of knowledge focused in the overcoming of the problems that children face.

The project is part of Graduate Program of International Affairs (GPIA) at The New School in New York, NY and in Latin America it is implemented as a component of the Social Studies in Childhood and Youth Program of the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM, Argentina), and within the framework of the actions of the Arcor Foundation and Arcor Institute.

Our work focuses in “translating” academic knowledge into useful tools for those who work in the defense and promotion of children and teenage rights: students, professionals, government and not-for-profit organizations, political decision makers and media, among other target audiences.

The actions of Equity for children are oriented towards incidence and towards supporting transformational processes in the institutional and social agenda of children issues, with actions such as the dissemination of original research, the design of training processes and the development of spaces where multiple stakeholders can hold exchanges, such as virtual seminars and in-person meetings.

Out thematic and political focus involves the analysis of the rights of children and teenagers from the perspective of their overlapping with processes of social inequality and poverty. Our goal is to promote new possibilities of political action and to build effective solutions that guarantee the well-being and the rights of children and teenagers.

Our online platform, with its global version in English, and the regional version in Portuguese and Spanish, establishes various communication streams to develop virtual meet-ups, to socialize academic publications, technical reports, best practices and analysis of social facts of the global and Latin American spheres.