Good Shepherd International Health Foundation Inc.

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16800 N.W. 2nd Avenue suite 107
North Miami Beach
United States

About Us

  • Our mission is generalyl providing basic preventive medical care to the Haitian earthquake victims in Leogane, Haiti and in the neglected regions of the Dominican Republic . For instance, when the less fortunate individuals are receiving basic medical care, free donated medications and medical supplies,
  • They could have died with respiratory distress, strokes, malaria, tuberculosis, pneumonia, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, asthma, cholera, dehydration,
  • malnutrition etc,
  • These communities feel so loved by a group of health professionals who care, this is what we
  • call social mission for them
  • Objectives are seeking donated funds, medications, medical supplied, medical equipments and food supplements and to continue our mission for the well being of these individuals with your support
  • Promoting health and save many lives in these empoverished nations