CHS - Bluestone Farm and Living Arts Center

  • NY

About Us

In 2004 we began to pursue our interest in sustainable living by starting Bluestone Farm and Living Arts Center. Grown organically, the produce we cultivate and store (by drying, lactofermenting, and freezing) feeds us throughout the year, with excess donated to the local food pantry. Over the last five years, the farm has come to include beekeeping, duck and chicken flocks, cows, maple syrup and honey production, and wine-making among other activities.

For a more complete listing of our crops and products, visit our LocalHarvestlisting.

Why we do this work —

Together, we are engaged in weaving together our worship and our work, inspired by the writings of the late Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, and Ellen Davis, among others. (Learn more about the "new cosmology" and the spirituality of farming.)