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About Us

International Health Awareness Center, Inc.’s mission is to promote health, disease prevention, medical screenings, and other health services to low-income individuals throughout the world. Health screenings and basic community services are an important part of preventative health care and we believe that all persons need access to programs that improve quality of life and ability to have a higher standard of living.

Programs Description: Our Services will Include Health and wellness awareness to the general population of Florida; the international community at large.

Advocacy will focus on at risk youth, through skills training, peer education, church and community. . Through educational workshops and programs we provide health and wellness education to your community via civic groups and organizations, clubs, churches, businesses, and schools. Mobilization and curriculum development.

Targeted services

Immigrant services, Social Services, Computer Trainings and GED, Youth services, Interview Skills, Resume Writing, Adult Services, Community Development, Literacy services, Educational Programs, International Programs, Food& Clothing Distribution, Resource, Youth Social Clubs, Humanities Services ,Other more.

Values and Objectives

Core Values and Objectives of the; the International Health Awareness Center‏ are, INTEGRITY, COMMITMENT, EXCELLENCE

The above values reflect the standards, principles and qualities that describe

The International Health Awareness Centre (IHAC). They influence decisions and ultimately guide actions. These core values embody the essence of The International Health Awareness Centre (IHAC), and those who are inspired to be its members:

We act constantly with The International Health Awareness Centre (IHAC’s) mission as our guide: to be honest and transparent in what we do and say, and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions.

We work together effectively to improve the livelihood of the community at large.

We constantly challenge ourselves to the highest levels of learning and performance to achieve the greatest impact.

Our goals

Increase access to education for youth & adult in Southwest Florida & around world Improve the quality of education available to youths in Southwest Florida & around the world Improve the health of children and adult throughout southwest Florida and another country Empower youth to achieve their potential Enable boy and girl in the world to their receive equal treatment and education