Metáfora Foundation


Alsina 971 -2do piso
Buenos Aires


About Us

The Metáfora Foundation implements programs in the greater Buenos Aires region that contribute to society as a whole, with a particular focus on Sustainable Development and International Cooperation.

Metáfora promotes the use of international grants to meet the needs of partner groups and organizations, as well as implement our own programs.

We sponsor research and educational programs in focus areas, in collaboration with Universities and Research Centers.

At the moment, Metáfora is busy with a Corporate Responsibility iniciative in Virrey del Pino, a district of La Matanza located on the city limits. The program focuses on facilitating a positive relationship between a factory located in the area and the surrounding community. It promotes the rights of citizens to demand education, health care, gender iquality, nonviolence and the development of a local economy.

Programs being implemented for the very first time include the publication of a community newspaper, youth leadership training, and improved access to clean water and medical attention.

Metáfora invites all interested individuals and groups to join us as allies and volunteers. We remind you that even small contributions make an impact on the urgent demands of society's excluded sectors.

For further information, please visit our newly updated website: