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About Us

TATCO-Uganda was formed in 2010. The group is an official Community Based Organization (CBO) in Uganda fully registered under the Civil Society guidelines of Buikwe District. Its purpose is to promote practical skills and people's awareness about the economic change, agricultural change, climate change and behavioral change in the community. Kato Andrew and Nabbanja Deziranta of Njeru Town Council are the original founders and the continuing Directors of the Organisation.

History and Objectives

TATCO-Uganda was founded in 2010, in order to reduce the number of unskilled youths and women, change the agricultural practices, reduce the environment degradation and reduce unemployment and poverty in Buikwe district community. The formation of the community group was after some observation and commitment of members on board who identified such problems in our community. Membership has grown and we hope for it to grow when we introduce other youth activities like Drama activities, make awareness drives, e.t.c.

TATCO-Uganda's founding members overwhelmingly agreed on the need to form a an oragnisation where skilled and experienced persons from within the community, agencies, government and any other volunteer elsewhere come and employ their skills to organized groups of people in Buikwe district community and train them, and sensitize them in the identified fields.

TATCO- Uganda's main objectives are to train people in practical skills, environment conservation practices, agriculture modernization practices and women and youth livelihood projects development and our goals include:

  • Increased practical skilled persons in the community
  • More agricultural out.
  • Improved conservation awareness in the community.
  • Reduced unemployment and poverty
  • Community cooperation and unit

With the partnership with sister agencies which understand our goals, government and local leaders we hope to change the world.

TATCO-Uganda is entirely managed/run by the community. The Annual General Meeting elects a committee to represent the community. Membership subscriptions are ploughed into community projects such as agricultural farms, livelihood projects. Most of the staffs are from the community except in cases where there is a need for special skills.

You can send any grant or donation to the organisation account under the names of:


A/C NO. 0142003535700 (CRANE BANK) - JINJA BRANCH