My Own Children International Sierra Leone

About Us

VISION An International Charitable non-profit Organization committed to promoting the Healthy growth and Development of Children and Youth, Strengthening families, and responding to and supporting changes in community needs. MISSION MOC is an International Children’s Youth Charity dedicated to helping orphan, Street kids, Victims of war, and terrorism kids in the developing and under develop world through the provisions of Safe home, Medical facilities for kids, Basic education, shelters, relief measures and Aid such as food, Medication, Water, Clothing and initiate Campaigns/Advocacy programs on Youth and Children’s Rights. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To prevent Child exploitation, Poverty, Abuse, and to educate the public on the best interest through workshops, conferences, Presentations and the establishment and maintenance of shelters and Rehabilitation Centers.

To provide relief to Children that may be a victim of war, terrorism, street kids, orphan, Natural disaster through the distribution of food, and other basic supplies.

To restore and build orphanages playgrounds medical/treatment/rehabilitation facilities for children in the developing and under develop countries

To provide quality services to young people and families.

To prevent the development of severe difficulties in Children and Youth.

To develop leadership skills in children and youth.

To advocate for youth to be involve in youth programme /conference/workshops across the world to participate in decision making especially on issues affecting them. To serve a diverse ethno-cultural community. To establish a resources center for young practitioners on Peace and development for capacity building such as books, journals, magazines, newsletters and Video tapes.

To create an effective and efficiency service delivery meeting the needs of the poor and marginalized community My Own Children International Sierra Leone Chapter has four(4) thematic areas of intervention with each having a thematic lead. EDUCATION The Bible says for the lack of knowledge my people “perish”, and the backbone of any sustainable development is Education. This Department aim at providing school basic facilities needs, building of school for Orphan, disable Children, street Kids, war victims, and terrorism kids, also provide scholarship and advocacy/campaigns programme . It will also runs a library for effective media linkages, raising awareness to Activist, Decision makers and other Stakeholders within and across to ensure better attention and timely action. HEALTH MOC International knows that “Health is Wealth", as a result of such fact, it will advocate on behalf of the marginalize, depress and neglected groups for health problems affecting them such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases. It will complement government moves aim on Sanitation and Health promotion activities and Environmental Sanitation. It will also promote new Health for school children, and Youths, community and rehabilitation/construction of health centers and the provisions of Medical facilities. AGRICULTURE According to article 25 under the Universal declaration of Human Right, it states that “everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and the wellbeing of himself and his family including food. MOC also Aim at providing food supplies and clothing for Children, in collaborate with other Humanitarian Institutions, Donor, and well wishers. Having pondered over the hunger disease affecting our society. Consider it an intervention area to complement the effort of already active players through collaboration and Networking to eradicate this dreadful disease

PEACE AND CONFLICT This department aims at igniting activist, stakeholders and decision makers to find possible solutions to violations affecting young people and their communities. It also aim at developing a resources based fro effective peace and conflict resolution for school children, Youth activist and research practitioners. It will also develop advocacy plans for dialogue and mutual understanding for the promotion of Peace stability among young people. MOC International will advocate for human respect and the spread of love among children and youth for a brighter future. PARTNERSHIP MOC International welcome all CBOs, CSOs, UN Agencies, Government Institutions, INGs, Donors/Humanitarian /Christian/Islamic agencies and MOC well wishers to promote information sharing, partnership building and development of expertise at regional, National and International levels to achieve financial and organizational stability and growth without discrimination of any forms