Global Coalition against Cervical Cancer

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About Us

The Global Coalition against Cervical Cancer (GC3) assists low- and middle-income countries in the implementation of comprehensive, sustainable, and effective cervical cancer prevention and control. GC3 accomplishes its mission through stakeholder engagement and capacity building by providing collaborative training and education of in-country personnel, technical assistance, and technology transfer.

Approximately every two minutes a woman dies from cervical cancer.  Even though it can be effectively identified and treated, cervical cancer remains the world’s third most common cause of female cancer-related mortality.

Cervical cancer is a cancer of the poor. It primarily affects populations that lack access to basic healthcare services. With appropriate prevention and control programs in place, virtually all deaths from cervical cancer can be prevented.

The Global Coalition against Cervical Cancer (GC3) is a means to this end. GC3 is a coalition of dedicated professionals who provide the expertise needed to assist countries in developing the necessary infrastructure, training, and technical ability to provide country-driven solutions to avert cervical cancer’s devastation.