IFMR Foundation

About Us

IFMR Foundation ( is a non-profit organization with the mission to ensure that every individual and enterprise in India has complete access to financial services, by leveraging applied research, innovations and advocacy. Our mission is motivated by our belief that access to financial services and well-functioning financial markets are keys to sustainable income growth, especially for low-income households. In pursuit of our mission, we extend ideas, grants and other resource support to initiate action research, strengthen existing initiatives, provide support for thought leaders, and document and disseminate knowledge to influence thinking and action.

IFMR Foundation works with financial services providers, investors, funders, regulators and policy makers to bring about the change required to enhance access to financial services in India.

IFMR Foundation supports innovations that work to improve access to financial services, including innovations in product design and delivery channels, operational and technological innovations that reduce the delivered cost of financial services, and institutional innovations that improve the ability to respond to the financial services needs of low-income households.