ServiceWorks Partnering with Greater Miami Service Corps

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About Us

ServiceWorks - powered by Greater Miami Service Corps in partnership with AmeriCorps, the Citi Foundation, and Points of Light - is a groundbreaking, national program that engages 16-24 years old in Skill Building, Success Coaching, and Community Service Volunteering as strategies to help address barriers to youth economic opportunity within the Miami and Leisure City areas.

Through ServiceWorks, program participants (Service Scholars) gain critical leadership and workplace skills, strengthened networks and community connections, AND the opportunity to apply those skills by volunteering and leading their own community service projects. Volunteers are being recruited as Skill Trainers, Success Coaches, and Community Service Volunteers to engage Service Scholars.


Skill trainers are motivated adults who possess strong teaching and facilitation skills in one or more of the following areas: leadership, networking, project planning, diversity, professionalism, communication, problem solving, asset mapping.

Trainers will facilitate 1-5 workshops from our established curriculum. Trainers typically dedicate 1-3 hours for preparation, then 1-2 hours to deliver the workshop to Service Scholars. Training and ongoing support are provided.


Success coaching is an opportunity to build your coaching skills and gain mentoring experience. Success coaches will work one-on-one or in small groups with our Service Scholars to set goals, create individual work plans, and connect them to education and employment opportunities. An interactive set of activities is used as a basis for constructing positive coaching conversations. They also serve as accountability partners as the Service Scholars work to achieve the goals within the plan.

Success Coaches commit to working with their designated Service Scholar(s) for the duration of a program cycle (estimated at 1-3 months). They typically meet with Service Scholars 3-4 times per month and provide requested updates to program staff.


Community Service Volunteers commit to volunteering at ServiceWorks community projects alongside Service Scholars, their peers, and a range of corporate and community volunteers.

Community Service Volunteers typically commit 2-4 hours per service activity or project.


We will be needing all types of volunteers in Miami. Volunteer days are expected to be scheduled for September. Details will emerge soon. We encourage you to contact us at via phone or e-mail to stay updated.