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About Us

There are a lot of great programs for kids in our area. We strongly support all of the fantastic kids camps that exist in Eugene. So, with all of the great choices out there, why should you choose Whole Earth Nature School camps?

  1. Personal Attention We have a maximum ratio of six kids for every professional staff member at camp. And, we run all camps with a minimum of two professional staff members per group. This allows us to give much more personal attention to every child, including yours.
  2. Nature Connection Many programs do a great job of “environmental education.” Our camps get kids into Environmental Immersion. We want them to get their hands (and faces) dirty and develop a personal relationship to the natural world that will serve them through their entire lives.
  3. Real Skills We teach kids real skills. Depending on their age, campers might learn how to safely identify wild edible plants and actually taste them, they might learn to make their own bow to shoot, or they might learn to safely make fire by rubbing sticks together.
  4. Locally Based Our founders live right here in Eugene and Whole Earth Nature School is a 501(c)(3) public benefit non-profit company.
  5. Scholarships We keep our camp tuition as low as we can while still providing a living wage to our highly trained instructors. Even though our camp tuition is on parity with other nature camps in town, we recognize that it can be financially difficult to send kids to camp. That is why we created our scholarship program to help families in need.
  6. Fun! Perhaps we are biased, but we think that kids at our camps have the most fun anywhere!
- See more at: http://wholeearthnatureschool.com/about/summer-camp-difference/#sthash.yxpiE9FJ.dpuf