Olive Tree Projects

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About Us

Olive Tree Projects was founded in 2008 by Sarah Wallace, a midwife from Canada. The goal of Olive Tree Projects is to care for the health and well-being of mothers and children in Haiti. Our primary projects are a maternity centre and a nutrition program. Maternal mortality in Haiti is the highest in the western hemisphere. The reasons for these deaths are often preventable. Many women have to travel very far on foot and by uncomfortable public transportation to get to a hospital. And if a woman could make it to a hospital, she wouldn’t be guaranteed a bed or proper medical care: most hospitals lack space and resources to care for all the births in their areas. We provide a safe, clean place for labour and delivery, as well as offer prenatal, delivery, and post delivery care. We believe that by providing complete prenatal care we can reduce maternal mortality in our community and help keep children with their families. Many children in Haiti are living with malnutrition. It is often not a lack of food, but a lack of nutritious food that is causing the malnutrition. Simply providing a nutritious diet may sustain the child, but this isn’t always enough to bring the child out of malnutrition. We offer weekly nutritional classes for the mothers of the malnourished children while monitoring the growth of these children who are being treated with a three month course of Medika Mamba, a highly fortified peanut butter meal.