Foundations of Music

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About Us

Foundations of Music Mission: Music for every child.

Foundations of Music Vision: Our vision is a society where children of all means have access to music education and the opportunity to creatively express themselves through music; where all children are inspired to engage in their communities and realize their full potential.

Foundations of Music programs are designed to implement culturally relevant, hands-on music education for children in Chicago. Through teaching artist, partner school, and community engagement, Foundations of Music is able to provide curricula that provides connections to music, the arts and the world around our students. Directors and staff at Foundations of Music are curriculum specialists with ample experience in program growth and management.

Foundations of Music teaching artists are active musicians and experienced educators allowing them to offer the most up to date, real-world experiences to their students. Teaching artists are afforded a wealth of resources to carefully craft lessons that meet each school’s needs in addition to being the most relevant and effective for their students. At every school with which Foundations of Music partners, we strive to provide the most inspiring and creative musical experience. Through this process, we give children the opportunity to grow, learn and realize their full potential. 

Our classes, which include General Music/Choir, Songwriting & Production, Honors Choir, workshops on Blues and Jazz music as well as our annual Andrew Bird Scholarship, are all focused on providing children with a music education that they can take with them for years to come. Whether a child becomes a professional musician, a supporter of the arts, or is simply able to utilize skills gained in Foundations of Music class in life beyond school walls, the experiences in our classes are meant to have a lasting affect on every child’s life.