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From Newark High School website:

The staff at Newark High School believes that each student is entitled to the opportunity to gain an education. The school should try to meet the specific needs of each student, accepting each one at his or her instructional level and advancing each one as far as his or her potential allows.

We believe that the curriculum must be a coordinated series of experiences responsible to the needs of the maturing individual and the demands of our society. Likewise, we believe in the importance of Newark High School's tradition of classical firmness in designing and recommending programs of study which will "propagate the best that is known and thought in the world."

We believe that the school should acquaint individuals with advanced educational and vocational opportunities and should develop in them an appreciation of and preparation for all kinds of work.

We believe that ethical and spiritual* concerns should have an important place in school life.

We believe that the schools should help each individual look beyond race, sex, religion, nationality, and economic status and develop respect for the dignity and worth of people.

We believe that the schools should help all students to learn to achieve and maintain mental and physical health, to live wisely in their natural surroundings, to think logically and express themselves clearly, to use their leisure time well, and to make aesthetic values a significant part of their lives.

We believe that responsibility for the development of the Newark High School student is a joint one, shared by the students themselves, their families, the school, the local community, the state and the nation.

The school aims above all to give its students minds that work. Each student should grow in mastery of the power to think logically, to solve problems of all sorts through thinking and to make that thinking accessible to others in coherent sentences, spoken or written.

  • In its broadest sense, not in a religious sense.

Educational Objectives
Newark High School provides a physical plant and curricular framework within which students can work and learn: first, to realize their potential as unique human beings; and second, to function as responsible, productive members of society. Our program consists of a variety of educational experiences that are interesting, challenging, and rewarding in terms of the goals stated above:

  1. The school provides as far as possible for each student a basic education responsive to his or her abilities, aptitudes, interests, and expectations.
  1. Basic to each student's needs is the power to communicate. The school should train the student to use effectively the communicative skills both receptive and expressive, oral and written.
  1. The school provides opportunities to expand the students' understanding of their own and other races, cultures and political systems.
  1. The school should improve each student to whatever extent possible in the knowledge of history, science, language, literature, mathematics, and the arts.
  1. The school offers a variety of exploratory vocational experiences. These experiences should help the student assume his/her position in changing economy through the development of appropriate skills and attitudes.
  1. The school should motivate its students to continue their education and should lay the necessary foundations to enable college preparatory, trades and skill-directed and industry-oriented students to strengthen or add to their education at any time in their lives so that they can function as contributing members of today's fast-changing society. For those unable to complete their education at Newark High School, the school provides access to alternative programs.
  1. The school provides curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities which will help each student to discover and develop his or her capacities to put society's increased leisure time to some creative enjoyable use.
  1. In cooperation with the efforts of other major social institutions, the school assists in developing the interpersonal skills necessary for survival in a complex society.
  1. A primary goal of our program is to aid, develop, and reinforce each student's feeling of being a worthwhile person. Through a variety of experiences -- through trying, failing and succeeding -- each student should develop a realistic sense of self-worth and of confidence in dealing with life.
  1. The school should create an atmosphere in which there is open teacher -- pupil ad teacher -- administrator communication and in which the rights of all parties are respected.

From Newark High School website:

The staff at Newark High School believes that each student is entitled to the opportunity to gain an education. The school should try to meet the specific needs of each student, accepting each one at his or her…

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