Chinook Enterprises

  • Washington


2026 South Laventure Road
Mount Vernon
United States

About Us


Chinook Enterprises is a social enterprise – a not-for-profit designed to operate as a business with a social mission:  “Supporting full participation in community life for individuals with disabilities or other barriers.”   Chinook has been a leader in employment services for people with disabilities in Skagit Valley for over 36 years. Our service delivery process is based on the values of individual respect and dignity for all those served and has held the belief that individuals with disabilities can and should work, preferably in “regular” jobs in the community. 


Chinook currently has over 25,000 square feet of offices and production facilities, with 70 staff members serving about 200 people, annually, with a wide range of disabilities.

Our current budget is 6.3 million with commercial operations generating approximately 75% of operating revenue, and fees for services roughly 23%.


Our vendor relationships include the following agencies:  Developmental Disabilities, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Services for the Blind and local High Schools.