New Dance Group

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305 West 38th Street 2nd Fl
New York
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About Us

In 1932, a group of visionary dancers and choreographers dedicated to social action through dance and the arts formed New Dance Group, Inc. Their mission was to foster the performing arts and provide a safe environment for artists to explore, develop, and perform. Consistent with our original mission, New Dance Group Arts Center focuses on four program areas:

1. Arts and Education 2. Presentation and Production 3. Media Communications 4. Fund-Raising Program

Over the years, NDGAC has become an invaluable resource for performing artists of all disciplines, with an emphasis on dance. On a basic level, through its existing programs, NDGAC is currently dedicated to the development of artistic talents and ideas. We are an institution that aspires to foster an atmosphere that is conducive to cross-fertilization in arts and education Mission: -Foster the art of dance and particularly the art of modern dance technique; -Maintain and operate a school for training and instruction in modern dance techniques and other forms of dance; -Financially aid and assist the studies and training of talented dancers; -Financially underwrite, aid, and assist in the development of the literature, history, and technique of various forms of dance; -Promote a more general appreciation and comprehension of the cultural and social significance.