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About Us

Bridge2Rwanda’s mission is to prepare Rwanda’s most promising young people for extraordinary careers in Rwanda as entrepreneurial servant leaders – modeled after Jesus and equipped to participate in the global marketplace. Africa needs selfless, results-oriented leaders who can create jobs and build a vibrant private sector.

The Bridge2Rwanda (B2R) Scholars Program has established itself as one of Africa’s most effective university preparation programs for studens competing for international scholarships. Our goal is to develop sound leadership and discipleship skills in our bright Scholars, help them get the best quality education possible, and prepare them for careers back in Rwanda and Africa. Since 2012, more than 65 Bridge2Rwanda Scholars have accepted scholarships to the U.S. and 4 other countries worth 13 million USD (total 4-year value). The universities include Harvard, Penn, Dartmouth, Abilene Christian University, Texas Christian University, Wheaton College, and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, among more than 35 total universities. Together, we are preparing a generation of servant leaders who will have a nationwide impact and make Rwanda a light on its continent.

Latest Listings

Lead English Teacher in Rwanda Scholarship Program (Job)