Casa Verde

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About Us

Casa Verde is a non-profit organization operating in El Limón, Rivas, Nicaragua with a U.S.-based office in Portland, Oregon. Our programs focus on global citizenship, experiential education, sustainability, and community collaboration.

Our Mission: Casa Verde provides youth, from all backgrounds, the experiences, sustainable resources and skills necessary to reach their highest potential in globalized society.

We implement our mission and goals by:

  • Collaboration with community stakeholders in El Limón to deliver year-round youth empowerment and educational programs for local students
  • Facilitation of community-driven projects and intercultural exchange through service learning opportunities for international participants in and around El Limón

All international participants in Casa Verde's service learning programs live in homes in the community. Program fees are all-inclusive excepting travel to Nicaragua and discretionary spending during free time.

Our three core areas of programming for international participants include:

Internships Abroad: For participants ages 20+ with intermediate Spanish language skills or higher. Interns collaborate with local Casa Verde staff and community members in El Limón to plan and implement sustainable projects. Internships last 10-16 weeks.

Junior Internships Abroad: Project-based individual internships lasting 1-3 weeks for high school students or recent graduates ages 16-19.

Service Learning Teams: Projects lasting 1-3 weeks for groups of volunteers ages 14 to post-graduate.

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