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About Us

PlaySmart was conceived and created by a group of friends who recognize the important role athletics and academics play in creating a strong foundation for an individual's future. We also recognize that there are significant socio-economic disparities in the U.S. today. As a result, certain groups of people have more frequent exposure to quality academic and athletic opportunities than do other groups. This disparity in athletic and academic opportunities produces further division between these groups of “haves” and “have nots.” PlaySmart believes it is critical to provide every child in the U.S. with the opportunity to get involved in quality athletic and academic programs. Thus, our objective is to bring quality athletic and academic programs to every underprivileged kid. We’re doing our part to ensure the “playing field” is more level than it otherwise would be.

PlaySmart is designed as a local, community-based activist charity committed to helping under-served kids in inner-cities and rural areas across the United States. Different locations have different kids with different needs. Only those living in the community can help us identify ways to give these kids the chance to succeed. And they will succeed. We believe that in helping America's youth pursue academic and athletic excellence, we will equip them with the tools and values we believe are essential for life-long success: hard work, discipline, teamwork and knowledge.

PlaySmart was incorporated in December of 1997 and achieved non-profit 501(c)(3) status in 1999. The company’s Board members and Associates are located throughout the country and the headquarters is located in the Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida area