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Vision - Mission and Values Statement


The following statements of Motto/Strategy/Vision/Mission/Values were approved by the Board of Directors at its meeting in October 2010 in Beijing, China.

Motto - "Prosperity through Trade"

Trade promotion is consistent with WTCA’s 501(c)6 status to promote an activity that raises the economic value of the communities of its members. Trade promotion leads to prosperity.


We continue to build a respected and valued brand that will be represented in all parts of the world by World Trade Centers. It shall be known for the quality of its trade services and prominent facilities. The World Trade Centers will be interconnected for the successful promotion of international trade and investment.

A vision statement expresses our aspirations - what we work each day to become. They can be a few words or many pages, but the shorter the better. The value of investments in real estate and in the promotion of trade activities are recognized equally. The emphasis on the brand and interconnectedness is a deliberate attempt to work towards a network that includes all members of the WTCA family from the business members to the staff at WTCA. It acknowledges the obvious – that there is power in numbers and a brand of choice by one million is far more impactful than a preferred brand by 320. This vision will compel WTCA to think through member services that assist WTCs to be successful with their members. It goes downstream to recognize all members of the WTC brand. It builds up a system thinking and a learning organization. In one word, the vision is to: NETWORK.


We foster a global World Trade Center network that enhances the brand and promotes prosperity through trade and investment.

A mission statement conveys a definite statement of what the organization does. For example McDonald’s mission statement is: “to be our customers' favourite place and way to eat”. The shorter a mission statement, the easier it is to remember; and the more useful it is as a motivational tool, especially in a changing environment as WTCA is going through. There is a subtle but powerful emphasis on “prosperity” as a result of trade and investment. There is a destination for our journey. A purpose to our activities – to create and/or enhance prosperity. We need not define who gets this prosperity. When we are successful, WTCA, WTCs, Business members, communities, nations and the world will all benefit. That is the power of our mission. The addition of investment is a carryover from the vision statement to recognize the substantial investments that are and planned to be made by WTCs and consequently in the brand. The mission statement is consistent with the requirement of US IRS section 501(c)6 trade organizations to promote general economic development in the communities of their members.


The following are the principles that will guide us to accomplish our Vision and Mission:

  • Service Excellence: we pay attention to our members and provide a variety of services that they need in an efficient manner, increasing the value of the WTC brand.
  • Integrity of Conduct: we conduct our affairs with integrity and transparency.
  • Diversity and Common Mission: we welcome members from all parts of the world into our membership for the common mission to prosper the peoples of the world through trade and investments.
  • Mutuality of Benefit: we recognize the importance of our network. Therefore we assist and collaborate with our fellow members, knowing that this enhances the brand for our mutual benefit.