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Undecided Ohio, a new non-profit organization, will register hundreds of verifiable undecided voters until October 1, 2016 and then invite 50 of these voters from across Ohio, representing the diversity of the state, to interview each of the presidential candidates, back-to-back, for two hours each, on Tuesday, November 1, 2016 in Central Ohio.

The interviews will be televised, and published on this site the very same evening, followed by a blog discussion open to all verified "undecided" voters registered to vote in Ohio, and the candidates.

The interviewer selection process and the registration criteria are being established by theUndecided Ohio Advisory Committee, to be announced later this week.

Being President of the USA is a serious job. As Ohio's undecided voters we accept that we have the great fortune and responsibility to bring one of the candidates to the 270 electoral votes required to win the election, by claiming Ohio's 18 electoral votes. Most analysts agree that whoever wins Ohio, wins the country, and that it is a very tight race. Like any serious job, it demands a serious interview process conducted by the actual decision-makers. For more on this, visit:http://www.270towin.com/states/Ohio

  • We are inviting each candidate for a straightforward interview in which he will be asked to explain why he is right for the job, and what he will do if elected- not why the other candidate is wrong for the job, what we have to fear if this other candidate is chosen.

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