Institute for Security and Development Policy

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About Us

The Institute for Security and Development Policy is a Stockholm-based non-profit and non-partisan research and policy organization. ISDP’s mission is to expand understanding of international affairs in its areas of focus, concentrating on the inter-relationship between security, conflict and development, and to work to further security and development through analytical work as well as practical activities to promote dialogue.

Since 2007, the Institute has worked towards its goal of providing independent analysis to policy makers and the analytical community on questions regarding security, conflict, and development. The Institute functions as a focal point for academic, policy, and public discussion of its focus areas through applied research, publications, research cooperation, public lectures, and seminars. ISDP strives to work closely with governments and independent organizations located in the regions of study and to pursue extensive collaborative projects, such as through exchanges of researchers and the organizing of joint conferences.

ISDP’s work aims at providing strategic analysis and practical solutions to assist decision-makers in both public and private sectors to achieve their goals. ISDP holds firm to the conviction that an understanding of international affairs requires a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the culture and history of regions and countries under study, and continuous interaction with a broad cross-section of these societies. ISDP seeks to achieve its aims through the publication of its research and analysis in formats accessible to a broad audience, as well as through practical steps to promote dialogue.