WorldWideWomen Foundation

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About Us

What is WorldWideWomen?
WorldWideWomen is a social enterprise company dedicated to building a global movement for women’s and girls' equality through technology, philanthropy, and advocacy. Over the last three years, our global team has been researching, aggregating and vetting resources to include in the company's pièce de résistance: the first-ever global resource platform for women. This website is a place where millions can come every day to discover valuable resources that support their lives, connect with women around the world, and collaborate to solve issues that impact our global community of women. 

Our intention is to build a powerful for-profit business that will fund our philanthropic efforts through the WorldWideWomen Foundation as well as our advocacy goals to drive legislative changes that improve the civil and human rights of women around the world. The work of the WorldWideWomen Foundation brings our mission to life, impacting girls locally in a direct and tangible way.

Our mission is to connect girls and women with organizations, programs, and services—both locally and around the world—that provide valuable resources to support and empower their lives. Our vision is that girls around the world are empowered to advance beyond their circumstances and achieve their goals. We recognize that, oftentimes, women are unaware of the resources available to them. We are out to ensure that this is no longer the case.

What We Do
We work toward our mission by hosting a series of Girls' Festivals in major global cities. Through these festivals, girls have a unique opportunity to connect with organizations, aggregated by WorldWideWomen Foundation, that offer program and services created especially for them. Resources span across countless topics including S.T.E.M., leadership, education, body image, social change, nutrition, fitness, safety, and visual & performing arts. We recently hosted our first annual Girls’ Festival in San Francisco with over 5,000 girls and their families in attendance. They had the opportunity to participate in a diverse array of activities, including 23 engaging workshops, offered by our local nonprofit and corporate partners.