Solidarités International

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89 rue de Paris

About Us

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is a Paris-based humanitarian NGO which works to meet the vital needs - water, food and shelter - of those affected by conflict or natural disaster.

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is particularly committed to fighting water-related diseases, the leading cause of death in the world today. 

Respect for the dignity and culture of the populations whose needs we seek to meet is central to our work. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL provides relief on the basis of needs alone, without judging or taking sides.

Today, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is present in 19 countries the world over, in Africa (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Mali, Niger, Sierra Leone (Ebola response), Somalia, South Sudan), Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma / Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand), the Middle East (Lebanon and Syria) and Haiti.