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About Us

ELEC, Inc. is a Brockton based non-profit organization that focuses on empowering young women to reach higher in life. Established in June 2008, ELEC, Inc. is an organization that connects members, individuals and professionals interested in personal and professional growth and development while engaging in and promoting community service.

We believe that empowering our members as well as our community through learning, growth and harmony will make an immense transformation. Our work is assembled through seminars, training workshops, forums and social activities. We consider it vital that young women unlock their strengths in order to achieve their highest potential.

VALUES We believe the keys to unlocking our strengths in order to develop personally and professionally are through learning, growth, and harmony.

Learning - The process of personal development and education through different types of knowledge. It is the most important mental function of humans because it develops skills, values, and understanding. Growth - The process of attaining increased knowledge to reach your set goals that will put you on the path to personal success. Increased growth raises your awareness to determine your self worth. Harmony - The process of working together and moving ahead to make a change in one accord. Having harmony provides a direct avenue for a greater impact of change.