Vision 2.0 Technology

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About Us

Vision 2.0 is a nonprofit technology services organization whose mission is to bring affordable technology to everyone. We were founded in January 2011 by a collaborative of community members and technology experts in central North Carolina.

We provide workshop trainings and comprehensive technology solutions to grassroots community groups, nonprofit organizations, progressive small businesses, and individuals in the community. Our goal is to assist our partners in effectively integrating technology into their organizing, advocacy, and marketing strategies. We work to improve both the technological infrastructure and use of communications and internet technology by our partners, enabling them to better meet the needs of the communities they serve.

Our Values Vision 2.0 is run by people who are committed to progressive causes and have experience working with social justice movements. We strive to be a democratic, worker-run, non-hierarchal organization. All people who are doing significant work for the organization are invited to join the board and have an equal say in our decision-making. All board decisions are made by consensus and all workers have 100% pay equity, regardless of the type of work being performed. We are committed to making our services accessible to organizations with limited financial resources, and promote the use of free and open-source software.