People in Need Ministries

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About Us

People In Need Ministries (formerly Gideon Gospel Ministries) Registered, nongovernmental, nonprofit, genuine and trustworthy organization, based in Machilipatnam, India. It was established in 2005. We are dedicated to serve the poor, outcast, illiterates, oppressed and downtrodden people, regardless of caste, religion, sex, or creed. We have great infrastructure.

Our ongoing projects are: 1) Helping Street and orphan children, 2) Aged women/widows, 3) Rural & Tribal Villages development, 4) Literacy, 5) Self sufficiency, 6) Micro-loans for village women empowerment, 7) Sewing Free Training for Teenage girls and women in the villages, 8) Drinking water, 9) Agricultural, 10) Vocational training, 11) Youth retreats, 12) Disaster relief, 13) Medical aid, 14) Church plantation, 15) Pastors seminars, Gospel crusades, 16) HIV & Aids, 17) Tsunami rehabilitations, and 18) Save environment.


Our Machilipatnam town is surrounded by more than 300 remote suburban villages. The farmer’s men and women grow vegetables and fruits. Every day they will come to Machilipatnam town, to trade their items in the market. These people are not educated and only depend on their cultivations. With their low income they are unable to give education for their children. People in Need Ministries concentrate and focus on the needs of the villages, such as, helping with the children’s education, retraining of mature women/widows, rural and tribal village development, literacy and self sufficiency. We offer micro-loans for village women’s empowerment, sewing centers for teenage girls and women, safe drinking water and agricultural projects. We also offer vocational training, youth retreats, disaster relief and medical aid for health issues such as HIV and T.B we also support church development, street evangelism and seminars, gospel crusades, tsunami rehabilitation and promote a safer environment.