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 .To support disadvantaged and underprivileged people especially young people in Cameroon, Africa and the world.
.To promote the physical and mental development of these categories of peoples via education, capacity building, training, arts, social capital mobilisation, enterprise approaches , agriculture etc so as to augment their capacities to resist the shocks and stresses peculiar to such underprovided livelihoods.
  • To protect the environment and to upgrade degraded environments
  • To provide vocational training to women, girls, youths and the greater public in Cameroon so as to create employment and fight poverty/inequality among the vulnerable.
     To create a broad –based synergy and nexus between talented underprivileged individuals and organisations; via communication and IT technologies with potential developers, and sponsors etc in the West so as to reduce poverty and promote inter-cultural dialogue and exchanges.
    To promote endogenous knowledge systems and development, of local peoples in Cameroon and Africa.
    To use holistic thinking in the delivery and management of social and economic interventions for Africa and developing countries.
    . To raise awareness of the plight of underprivileged peoples especially children in Cameroon and Africa so as to generate action from development agents to reduce their destitution.
    .To implore the use of universal moral, scientific and local values via broad-based holistic tools in designing projects to fight poverty, in making exhibitions and other events including fund raising to fight the destitution of disadvantaged peoples like abandoned children, orphans, street children, poor peoples, rural women, unexposed artists etc.
    To identify and support individuals and non profit making organisations working to empower poor peoples and disadvantaged segments of society through exposure in the world wide web, securing of funds for their activities, designing of events and projects to make their activities reach a bigger audience especially in the Western World.
    .Promote the education of all; irrespective of station, religion or region.
    Promote arts in all forms as well as multi-media productions and interactive media in Cameroon and Africa and especially among the poor and locally talented.
    To establish a forum of dialogue between African Centre for Community and Development with other synergies and good will development ambassadors in empowering disadvantaged peoples and mainstreaming them into society.
    To promote the documentation of livelihoods in audio visual documentaries for radios, TV, World Wide Web and as simulation videos to assist the design and implementation of interventions aimed at reducing poverty in Cameroon, Africa and the world. This will incidentally assist research in social sciences especially with failing projects (Gow and Morss, 1988).
    To offer holistic and strategic advice for individuals and organizations willing to invest or intervene in Cameroon and Africa.
    To document cultural experiences and histories in order to better understanding of local realities and to expand or reshape the broad thematic areas of social sciences and sustainable development.
    To protect the environment via sustainable and entrepreneurial practices and devices, pro-poor interventions and the diversification on incomes in communities affected by unsustainable environments, conservation, agroforestry, permaculture and dissuading dependence on wildlife for food by raising alternatives.
  • To giver opportunities for volunteering and intercultural exchanges for sustainable development.
  • To better food security in Cameroon via agriculture, adaptable green technologies like hydroponics, greenhouse technologies, livestock keeping, duck farming, fresh water fisheries and by building capacities in climate smart agriculture, creating awareness of climate change, integrated and holistic approaches to land and natural resource uses as well as transformation of primary agricultural products, curbing of post harvest losses and the use of more eco-friendly resources for construction especially bamboo in Cameroon and Africa.
  • To fight poaching for food or illegal Bushmeat trade by raising alternatives like ducks, ruminants, quails, snails etc.  in a park which can attract visitors, researchers, eco-tourists, bird watchers, farmers in need of sustainable practices as well as offer training in practical aspects of agriculture, agroforestry, conservation , livestock keeping etc. to various sub-populations in need.
  • To collaborate, partner with like mined institutions and individuals and to accept volunteers in all relevant areas to our works and to sustainable development in Cameroon and Africa.
 .To support disadvantaged and underprivileged people especially young people in Cameroon, Africa and the world.
.To promote the physical and mental development of these categories of peoples via education, capacity building…

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  • BP 181, Limbe, SW 181, Cameroon
    West Coast

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