Young Development

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About Us

Jeunes Développement is a non governmental and non profit making Organization .Our mission is to involve the young in the sustainable development process. We inform them about the actual great environmental problems , natural desasters, not forgetting poverty realities in the world.

We intervene in the following principal fields : - Environment - Communication - Culture - Human Rights and Peace

Our programs outline :

1- Culture of Peace Campaign to bring people from a culture of war to a culture of Peace. This is to respect all life, reject violence, share with others, listen to understand, preserve the planet and rediscover solidarity.

2- Fight against AIDS We plan for a campaign in all the 5 regions of Togo.young people will be formed to educate others. It is a special program where there will be meetings in schools,universites and soon.

3- Environmental health People should be educated to change thier environnementally destructive behaviour.any industrial process or exploration which poses health risks to workers,surrounding communities or the ecosytem, must be opposed.the basic health services and education must be provided for all.

4- Renewable energies It is a current project which aimed to popularize the use of salar energies for electrcity and for cookings. This is to provide the sustainable energy education and training at every level.the opportunity will be used to educate people on the differents impacts of the non rechargeable batteries.

5- TIC Training. The New Technology for Information and Communication training program is planified to marginatized groups or people. Iths principal objective is to create awareness at level of internet to benefit the young should be trained to form athers.

6-International camp This program shall gather young people from different cultures and continents for the socio-cultural activities exchange activities,awareness of AIDS and so on. It shall be taking place in the vaccation 2008,the period july- August.

7- Private initiative In Togo , people do not take private initiatives,they use to wait for the government for employment. So the young should be educated and formed about private initiatives by the way they will be able to create jobs thier own.

Young Development is member of several networks in the World: Freshwater action network, peaceoneday network, Global Marshall Plan Initiative(GMPI), Réseau d'information sur le développement durable, Volunteers Of World ( VOW), Global Youth Action Network( GYAN), Network of African Youths for Development(NAYD), Global Youth Coalition against Climate Change(GY3C), Water Forum, WorldYouth(WAY), World Youth Fondation(WYF), SGACAFRICA, Developing Nations Unaties etc.

We have already received students and international volunteers from France - Europe for some special trainings and projects.

We have a dynamic Workteam. Our office is opened from Monday to Friday. We are well organized and our Secretary office is ready to receive you for any idea in the level of our field of actions.