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About Us

As you know, access to healthcare and the manner in which it is provided around the world varies. There are many hospitals in developing nations that require patients to bring their own linen during hospital stays and, in some cases, to find the necessary medical resources in order to receive treatment. For United States-based community health centers and free clinics, increasingly tightened budgets reduce their ability to treat uninsured and under-insured populations. The lack of necessary medical equipment, instruments, and supplies often means low-quality healthcare, if any healthcare is provided at all.

The mission of Globus Relief is to address this gap in order to improve access to, and the delivery of, healthcare around the globe. As a certified 501(c)3, we do this by gathering, processing, and distributing surplus, trade out, and obsolete medical resourcesto our network of qualified charity partners. In this way, we complement the efforts of charities, NGOs, and developing governments as opposed to competing with them. Utilizing donated and procured medical equipment, instruments, and supplies in our humanitarian supply chain ensures that doctors, surgeons, and healthcare workers have access to needed resources. This system has also redirected millions of pounds of useable, quality surplus from landfills and salvage facilities across the states. You can watch a short film about our organization by going to:

As a note of interest, overhead costs for Globus Relief have totaled less than one percent of its overall budget (.05 percent in 2011) for the past three years, and historically have never been more than three percent. We are identified as one of the “Top 6 Most Efficiently Run Non Profits” by as well as ranked number 2 in the nation for “10 Top Notch Charities” by Charity Navigator.