Hope Village

  • ND


3705 11th St SW
United States

About Us

To rebuild 500 homes in the Minot, ND area following the 2011 Souris River flood

Hope Village provides housing, food and shower facilities and coordinates rebuilding assignments for volunteer teams. Since its inception in April 2012, Hope Village volunteers have contributed over 80,000 hours toward flood recovery, providing Minot with over $1 million in relief work.

Due to the oil influx, the city had already been experiencing a housing shortage and no temporary housing was available for volunteers following the floods. Hotels rates hover at $200, discouraging mission teams who had wanted to help from traveling to Minot.

To solve the volunteer housing problem, Our Savior Lutheran Church partnered with national faith-based agencies, churches and faith-based response organizations to form Hope Village. The Village’s purpose is to provide shelter, meals and shower facilities for mission teams that travel in from out of state.