Bridge House

  • CT


880 Fairfield Ave

United States

About Us

Bridge House, a Clubhouse model of psychosocial rehabilitation for adult with mental illness is committed to offering quality rehabilitation services and support to individuals recovering from psychiatric disabilities since 1986. Thousands of men and women have walked through our doors and received help.

At Bridge House, we create a supportive environment that focus on a person's strengths and talents rather than his or her illness. Bridge House is based on the values of mutuality, equality and empowerment. We accept and value people as they are, and welcome them to voluntarily join and participate in the life of our clubhouse.

We help each person set meaningful recovery goals, including access to health, mental health and case management services designed to enable the individual to move forward in their recovery. Then, when members are ready, we offer housing, employment and educational opportunities tailored to each mender's individual recovery goals. As members recover, the Clubhouse remains involved in their life, helping them create many successes over time. Bridge House helps people recover their mental health, stay out of psychiatric hospitals and live independent and productive lives in the community over time.

Our Vision

The vision of Bridge House is for all adult citizens of Connecticut who have experienced mental illness to attain the hope of recovery, including a safe place to live, a job, educational opportunity, companionship, health, self-esteem, inclusion in their community, and a life worth living.

Values and Principals

We believe our community is one of mutual support, fellowship, and opportunity that is member driven and recovery oriented. We strive to engage members' talents, strengths and skills in the vital tasks of the day-to-day operations of the clubhouse. We focus on the wellness of a person rather than the illness. Our decision-making process is inclusive, collaborative and respects the dignity and worth of each individual. This opens the door to shared ownership and community consensus. Members' individuality and their right to choose permeate every Bridge House opportunity. Through education and advocacy activities, members learn to better manage their personal journey of recovery as well as becoming advocates for change in the larger community.