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About Us

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To provide the atmosphere, education and inspiration for youth to understand, cultivate and practice Human Values, Discipline, Devotion and Life Skills in order for them to build character, integrity and self-confidence becoming responsible, respected citizens of their country.

TREP=Total Residential Education Programme, is a special residential education program to help village children in India. Its main focus is providing a ‘balanced education’ to needy students. These days in India too much emphasis is on just four academic disciplines; language, math, science and social studies. Very few schools teach other subjects like music, dance, drama, art, environmental education or values to provide a more rounded complete educational experience. The result is that most of India’s education is just brain heavy, without any consideration for developing the heart.

What is required, which TREP provides, is a more balanced approach to education which not only provides free academic education but also values, devotion and life skills. Values are taught using the “3-S’s” – stories, songs and signboards. It also emphasizes prayers, devotion, spiritual movies and life skills. Children learn independence, self-reliance and self-confidence being responsible for all their personal work – washing and ironing their own clothes, cleaning their rooms, attending to vegetable and flowers gardens, cooking, sewing and recycling. Music, art, debates, spelling bees, sports competitions, learning practical economics are also part of this program.

Each year TREP sponsors about 50 students for free education, boys & girls from 10 to 18 years old. They are selected based on need, ability and potential irrespective of caste or creed. All the students are coming from poor families and many are selected based on single parent, abandoned or orphaned family situations. They attend the Sai Shankar Vidyashala, a government recognized charitable educational institution made up of 550 local students ranging from nursery through 10th grade. Both the residential program and its school are run by our charitable social service public trust called People’s Trust which is located on a beautiful 10 acre campus, 25 km outside of the major metropolitan city of Bangalore, South India. People’s Trust also runs a charitable hospital and has adopted 18 villages (population 14,000) for all-round village development (sanitation, hygiene, medical aid, education, income generation, etc.)