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About Us


Welcome to Orgaisation for Community Transformation (OCT) an independent, indigenous, Christian nonprofit making organization headquartered in Wakitaka about 10 kilometers from Jinja a town in Eastern Uganda. Uganda is a country where almost everybody is affected (is infected / has lost a relative, friends or spouse to HIV/AIDS). The dependency ratio is too high and especially the aged women shouldering the burden. The results are poor health, lack of clothing, poor nutrition, high school dropout levels and to the worst high level of transmission of HIV/AIDS of about of about 21%. Jesus said “whatever you do the least of my brothers that you do unto me” (Mathew 25:40). In the light of Jesus’ statement, our mission of mercy at Organisation for Community Transformation (OCT) is to fulfill the work of God. We are providing God’s helping hand to his people through helping AIDS orphans and needy children access education and women widowed as a result of HIV/AIDS get skills that help them become self reliant as well as outreach programs like door to door evangelism, HIV/AIDS awareness programs deep in the villages reaching the unreached and touching the untouched and operating a mobile clinic under the HIV/AIDS programs. What matters most is that the will and work of God is done we are doing what we can but we are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem and our call is that we team up with you to save this AIDS generation. Thank you May the good Lord fill you with his blessings. For more information visit our website at