Master in Development Innovation and Change (MiDIC)

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About Us

The Master in Development Innovation and Change (MiDIC) is an interdisciplinary University master program aimed at providing education and training in local development and innovation issues. Modern theories and advanced techniques on the subject will be taught at a postgraduate level and training on the field will be offered through qualified internship opportunities.

The master course is designed for students planning to pursue careers as experts, consultants, and professionals within local, national and international organisations - private (profit and non profit) and public (administrative and research oriented) - acting in contexts of local development processes, both in developed and in developing and less developed countries.

A set of core and optional courses will introduce students to key concepts, tools and techniques to deal with the main topics of local development and innovation. An internship period will complete the program, by offering the students the opportunity to combine and practice their skills. Students are expected to write a report about their internship experience.