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Practical Initiatives Network (PIN) is a free, open, worldwide network providing a platform for development organisations to share ideas and learn from each other’s successful (and less successful) practical initiatives.

PIN is a free, open, worldwide platform for development organisations to share ideas and learn from each other's successful, and less successful, practical initiatives. At PIN, we believe that development works better when we work together. Our site is a collective knowledge hub where organisations with similar aims can meet, exchange stories and experiences, and promote projects that have had a positive impact.

We are driven by our desire to connect the development community through open conversations and meaningful relationships. PIN initiatives come from a diverse range of countries, but they often hold common goals and face the same difficulties in their work. Our network enables the cross-cultural exchange that is not always possible in the real world. No matter what part of the world you are working in, you will find likeminded individuals and similar initiatives on the PIN map.

We hope that you will join us by sharing your insight, expertise, and lessons. Your presence on PIN will not only inspire other organisations, it will also raise awareness about your organisation’s development efforts to potential volunteers and donors.


The website has been established to provide development organsations with a platform to share their ideas and experience. It also enables these organisations to publicise their work and offers the potential for collaboration.

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