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About Us

It's been years -- a lifetime in terms of the world's attention span -- since Haiti's incredibly unfortuate January 2010 earthquake. Since that time, the world has moved on, leaving Haiti and its citizens without the support needed for recovery, let alone improvement. In particular, its traumatized orphan population, which grew exponentially post earthquake, continues to suffer and decline. These kids need your help in so many ways.

In the earthquake's immediate aftermath, we did what what we felt we had to do, i.e., opened an orphanage -- Future of Haiti Organization -- in Santo, Haiti, took in as many orphans as we could, and provided them with basic necessities and emotional support. These overwhelmingly urgent needs overtook our initial intention to establish a self sustainable and self financing organization. Nevertheless, we have not lost track of this intent: pursuit of self sufficiency remains a central aspect of our work. We still aim to establish a foundation of educational and employment opportunities that will give these vulnerable children a path toward healthy living and financial independence, and contribute to Haiti's development. -- Grodysh seeks a worthy and dignified future for Haitians, one small step at a time. 

So, our program is basically on two paths - we endeavor to shelter, feed and educate the under-served children we raise in our Grodysh/ FOHO orphanage/school; and we work to establish a path forward for these kids.

On so many levels, these children need help, support and encouragement. They don't expect much -- they don't really know what to ask for, even if they could. In this context, we need extra hands for basic organization and maintanence; and skills and expertise as needs and opportunitites evolve. So perhaps you can help. Whether you are looking for a "Haiti experience", a break in your routine or something different, you can channel your energies here.