Fairfood International

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About Us

Fairfood International is an advocacy organisation that strives to improve the socio-economic conditions of vulnerable people in our food system, such as smallholder farmers, workers (especially women) and consumers, and to ensure the sustainable production and consumption of food. This is achieved by influencing the policies and practices of global food and beverage companies and governments.

We believe as a central premise that a fair and sustainable food system can be achieved, if key players – both in the private sectors and governments – rethink and change their policies and practices on how the world’s food should be produced as well as on how those who produce our food should be treated.

Therefore we engage directly with food and beverage companies and governments, holding them accountable for their policies and unsustainable business practices within their supply chains, especially those which violate international conventions and agreements. We believe that the influencing role we play will catalyse a change process where the necessary political will and corporate vision can transform the food system and ensure the voices of vulnerable people in the global food system are heard.Fairfood is also convinced that ethical production and trade can improve the lives of millions of people working in the global food industry, thereby contributing to ending hunger and poverty.